Epobase A

Epoxy resin binder and primer in water emulsion. Ideal as a binder for cement flooring and a primer for the successive epoxy, polyurethane acrylic resin coatings.

Type of product : Primers
Type of resin : epoxy

Epobase FU 14

Epobase FU 14 is a two-component special epoxy resin based primer; this product is used as a primer on cement decks even in very humid conditions (e.g. 7 – 10 day-old concrete casts), and ensures good adhesion.

Type of product : Primers

Type of resin : epoxy

Patch Filler

Patch Filler is a two-component acrylic resin based product with special aggregates, formulated to repair and level asphalt surfaces that are not perfectly flat or correct the gradient before applying the acrylic resin coating.

Type of product: Smoothing/filler
Type of resin: Acrylic

Paste M

Paste MP 150 is a solvent-free thixotropic product formulated to glue synthetic grass on joint strips: thanks to its special formula the product may be laid in damp or even wet conditions.

Type of product: Glues
Type of resin: Polyurethane

Paste EP 11

Two-component epoxy adhesive for PVC and rubber flooring

Product formulated for gluing PVC and rubber mats on cement and/or asphalt decks. Paste EP 11 may also be used for gluing decorative synthetic grass on cement surfaces.

Type of product : Glues
Type of resin : epoxy

Epocon 312 Tixo

Epocon 312 Txio is a three-component epoxy-based thixotropic coating/primer, formulated for smoothing and levelling cement decks even when humidity is present.

Type of product : Primers
Type of resin : epoxy

Athlon 45

Athlon 45 is a single-component polyurethane resin-based binder formulated to bind the rubber granules used for laying shockproof flooring and SBR cast in situ mats in order to lay Pavisin SL 75 – PM and Confosport PM systems.

Type of product : Binders
Type of resin : Polyurethane

Banda GT 30

Banda GT 30 is a seaming tape consisting of 10% polypropylene seamless non-woven fabric, with thermally bound fibres. The polypropylene structure of Banda GT 30 adheres to an underlying polyethylene film which ensures vapour barrier properties.

Type of product : Accessories

Banda KF 40

Banda KF 40 is a seaming tape consisting of highly matt polyester film, pre-treated on two sides, having a thickness of 100 micron and height of 40 cm, used to join synthetic grass strips on soccer and Five-A-Side football fields, hockey fields etc. The high tensile strength of the joint band, used with the polyurethane glue Paste, ensures precise, resistant and solid synthetic grass joints.

Type of product : Accessories

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